HIS believes that learning is a dynamic process where each student learns differently. We provide developmentally appropriate practices by teaching in ways that match the way students develop and learn. We provide daily experiences to students for the to independently discover that they are competent and capable learners.


Education is the journey of discovery and growth. Our curriculum is comprehensive and based on core subjects going beyond simply facilitating academic book knowledge but also aiding the development of concepts, ideas and skills.

Language comprehension, focusing on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are fundamental to all subjects. Cognitive and intellectual development, and interpretation and thinking skills are the more complex secondary skills that follow. The over-all personal, social and emotional development of each student is constantly monitored to ensure a strong foundation for adult years. The entire learning curve of each student is divided into four phases. Each phase requires focus on certain areas and hence has its own philosophy and methodology that follows through it.


During the primary years the approach is enquiry based where children question, enquire, brainstorm and understand by doing things. An increasing number of activities are taken up so that children understand the concept comprehensively and well.

Recapitulation is done with the help of worksheets and questions formed by the teacher after the completion of a concept.

To find out whether it has been well received by the children, a structured work sheet is provided to each student. This is based on the principles of knowledge, recall, comprehension, application and analysis.

The child’s level of understanding is indicated through a “rubric” where the parameters are set under, “beginning /approaching /meeting /exceeding”.

At the senior level the focus is increased on assignment based studies and group activities.

Teacher Training Program

The Teacher Training programme refers to the policies and procedures designed to equip prospective teachers with the knowledge, attitude, behaviour and skill they require to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school and wider community.

The School assists our teachers by introducing them to new and effective teaching methodologies with particular focus on differentiated learning.

We not only update our teachers with the new ways of teaching children but also organise programmes for them conducted by eminent people who teach them effective ways to teach same subject to different kinds of learners.

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