Morning Assembly

The morning assembly will be conducted by the Principal and is attended by all students and staff members. This serves as a platform to convey all important announcements and messages. The principal will also interact with the student council regularly. This will provide an opportunity to understand the ideas and problems of the students. The principal will interact with the students in a friendly ambiance and act as a guide to motivate them.

House System

To provide adequate care to the students, the School has adopted the house system, a Prefect and a Vice-Prefect for each house will be elected through a democratic procedure. They will be assisted by two authorities in the Primary Section who are nominated by the Primary faculty members. This grouping fosters a vertical integration in the School & gives students a feeling of belonging and sharing. Healthy competition and team spirit between the House will be developed through inter-house games, sports, debates dramatics, music, quizzes & other co-curricular activities.

Hobbies & Sports

A wide range of co-curricular activities will be offered to the students to ensure their wholesome all-round development. Their hobbies are incorporated into Academic time-table where they have an opportunity to learn the basics of these skills by being exposed to them regularly.

Music & Dance

It is an integral part of the School’s life. class lessons give everyone the chance to make music together. Individual vocal and instrumental lessons will be on a regular basis. There will be opportunities to perform in stage shows, competitions throughout the year – Drama is a fast-growing aspect of school life. students are encouraged to participate.

Art & Craft

The Foundation of each class is drawing. All students learn the basics of sketching. Art and painting activities provide children with an outlet for self-expression. We provide a positive nurturing learning experience that encourages our students to use their imagination. In the art room, every student shines.